Monday, December 30, 2013

Mix it up - Eclectic Kitchen Tables

Eclectic design (kitchen and otherwise) is all about mixing up design styles. Eclectic style can range from hanging a baroque chandelier over a modern, streamlined dining table set to incorporating elements from all different time periods and styles. The only rule is the elements harmonize with one another. Done well, the effect is quirky rather than chaotic.
Incorporating eclectic style is as easy as mixing up your kitchen table and chair styles. You could even incorporate different chairs around the same table. As long as they coordinate well together, there’s no rule that says they all have to match. Or, pick a different style of table than your chairs. Here’s a few examples from Kitchen Tables and More.

Latitude Round Table 5 piece set by Universal Furniture {source}

Champlain Almond and Honey set by Canadel Furniture {source}

High Style White and Red set by Canadel Furniture {source}
Wanting more eclectic inspiration? Check out our new pinboard.

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