Friday, September 9, 2011

Universal Furniture

Universal Furniture has spent the several years now updating and improving their image. NO longer are they fighting for the customer wallets with Coaster, Ashley and other importers.  Universal now has several casual dining collections with Brentwood Court, Great Rooms and Main Street. Of course they feature several formal dining collections: Artisan Oak, Bolero, Casa Verona,Classics Today, Contessa, Cross Town,Forecast, Governor’s Place, Hilltop Terrace, Kentwood, Main Street, Modern Outlook, New Lou, Pacifica, Paula Deen Home, Rough Luxe, Summer Hill, Summerglen Drive, True Vintage and Villa Cortina.
If you are looking for a unique step up without getting gouged price-wise you may want to check out Universal and see what they might offer for your home.  Make sure you shop around, many local retailers will try to sell you on a "sale" when in reality you can still buy the furniture less elsewhere. Tricky, Tricky.

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