Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kitchen Tables and More by Dinette Gallery at Easton

There are big changes happening at the Dinette Gallery. After extensive research including a man-on-the-street video, the Dinette Gallery realized that the word “Dinette” is a strange old term. Therefore, the 32 year old company is changing their name to “Kitchen Tables and More.”
Part of this change includes a new 10′ x 30′ sign on the freeway in Columbus, Ohio. This big undertaking has given Kitchen Tables and More the opportunity to clearly communicate what they sell to the 200,000+ cars that drive on I270 daily. The new sign uses LED technology and should significantly lower the electricity usage and maintenance costs over the years. The previous sign for “Dinette Gallery” used neon lighting. The cost of maintaining that type of sign was part of their motivation to change, but the main reason for the change is to eliminate the confusion of what a “Dinette Gallery” is.

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