Friday, January 14, 2011

Ashley Furniture: 4 Things You Should Know

Ashley Furniture is the most recognized name in dining furniture right now. From Price is Right to the commercials seen for your local Ashley Homestore, it seems hard to miss the orange Ashley Logo. They have a recipe that few manufacturers have replicated in the furniture industry that have helped create a trusted brand. Here are a few things that you should know:
1. Shop Around for the Best Price. One thing that most shoppers don’t understand is that you cannot buy Ashley Furinture “factory direct.” All Ashley Furniture has a middleman with a markup. You actually have a decent chance of saving money at a retailer who carries Ashley Furniture along with other manufacturers.
2. Ashley Furniture is priced well. You get a lot of look for what you’re paying and the quality is decent.
3. It is imported. Like most furniture these days, Ashley Furniture is made in Asia. Don’t let that scare you away too much. The only things you’ll find made in the USA is very pricey.
4. Ashley knows how to flow goods. They have their own freight lines so they can ship to the retailer in a decent amount of time. They also typically have a large amount of their inventory stocked which helps speed up the shipping process.
Ashley Furniture is altogether a great company. They are not the highest quality out there, but they sure know how to make your home look nice on a reasonable budget. You can shop for them at your local store to see how it looks in person, but don’t be afraid to order online from a reputable retailer. A retailer who has a brick and mortar store and an e-store will likely have the ability to cut the price and ship it right to your front door.

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