Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kitchen Noir - A Dining Table Drama

A little drama in the kitchen is a good thing - in the design anyway. Drama in the kitchen discussion is another thing entirely. A kitchen noir comes with high contrast colors, oversized lighting fixtures and bringing in formal elements normally reserved for the living room (think oil paintings, candelabras, upholstered armchairs - anything luxe).
The color that brings the most drama to the kitchen or any other space: black. Black is all the hues combined. What do you get when you put the entire extended family into a room? That’s right, drama. It’s so rich and deep, you get visually pulled into its warmth.
If black were to employ an online dating service. His ideal match would be white. This high contrast couple is classic and timeless. Every ying needs it’s yang, and for black, it’s white. If your kitchen demands a more modern spin on this classic, try adding a silver metallic to the palette.
Here’s some black, drama-inducing kitchen and dining room tables from Kitchen Tables and More to get you all moody.

Loft natural and black set by Canadel Furniture {source}

Black upholstered chair set by Canadel Furniture {source}

Copper table with Lorraine bar height chairs, Palettes by Winesburg {source}
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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Let your table go natural in 2014

Kitchen and design trends don’t change as quickly as fashion, but one trend holding strong this coming year is the raw, natural look. Incorporating materials such as copper, or unstained and natural edge woods is popping up in the forecast for 2014 trends in articles like this one and this one.
Options like these can be hard to find because of the fine craftsmanship needed to make a table in these materials. Luckily, Kitchen Tables and More is honored to carry these custom table options.

Naturale table with Jordan side chairs, Palettes by Winesburg {source}

Natural table edge detail {source}

Copper table with Alsace side chairs, Palettes by Winesburg {source}
For more of the rustic, natural look, there are many other table options and looks for your kitchen on our Farmhouse kitchen and Copper pinboards.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Mix it up - Eclectic Kitchen Tables

Eclectic design (kitchen and otherwise) is all about mixing up design styles. Eclectic style can range from hanging a baroque chandelier over a modern, streamlined dining table set to incorporating elements from all different time periods and styles. The only rule is the elements harmonize with one another. Done well, the effect is quirky rather than chaotic.
Incorporating eclectic style is as easy as mixing up your kitchen table and chair styles. You could even incorporate different chairs around the same table. As long as they coordinate well together, there’s no rule that says they all have to match. Or, pick a different style of table than your chairs. Here’s a few examples from Kitchen Tables and More.

Latitude Round Table 5 piece set by Universal Furniture {source}

Champlain Almond and Honey set by Canadel Furniture {source}

High Style White and Red set by Canadel Furniture {source}
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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

5 Tips for a Kitchen Table Survival during the Holidays

Phil Vinson from right here at Kitchen Tables and More shares his top tips for preventing and repairing Holiday damage to your kitchen or dining room table and chairs.

Champlain Weathered Set by Canadel Furniture {source}

1. Cleaning: It’s typically best to use a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth.  If  you need to step it up a notch, try adding a mild soap to the damp cloth. Phil demonstrates here:

2. Leaf Storage: Do not store the leaf on end.  Lay it flat under a bed, this will avoid warping.

3. Chair Glides: Put glides on the chair legs. If your floor surface is hard, you should use felt glides. If your set is on carpet, go with the vinyl glides. We prefer the ones that peel and stick.

4. Chair Care: Don’t lean back on them. Leaning back in your chair regularly will reduce it’s life by about 80%. Phil demonstrates 4 on the floor here:

5. Avoid Damage: When you put a coffee mug, pizza box or hot dish on the table, make sure you're not causing heat marks. If it is too hot to touch, then it is too hot for the table. If you happen to do some damage, here’s how to repair heat marks:

Now that your table and chairs will be in their top condition, check out our Christmas tablescapes pinboard for holiday decorating inspiration.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours from Kitchen Tables and More!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Top Your Table with Zinc

Zinc tables and accessories have been around for hundreds of years but are just starting to resurface in popularity. Zinc tables can feel at home in many design styles including Old World, rustic, industrial, country, and farmhouse. The rustic patina gives this metal a time-worn quality that can even add depth and richness to a modern or contemporary color palette.
A zinc table may be just the unique item to add that punch of interest you’ve been looking for in your kitchen.

Zinc table with Grace side chairs, Palettes by Winesburg {source}

Zinc table edge detail, Palettes by Winesburg {source}

Zinc tabletop detail, Palettes by Winesburg {source}
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Top Your Table with Copper

You’ve probably eaten food prepared in a copper pot, but have you eaten at a copper table? Copper is certainly no new kid on the block, but the design community has been using it in new and innovative ways - way beyond pots and pans.
The beauty of copper’s warm metallic hues makes it versatile enough for any design style. Shiny, polished copper goes well with more contemporary or modern styles while copper with a worn patina looks great in more traditional or Old World styles.

Copper table with Alsace side chairs, Palettes by Winesburg {source}

Copper table with Bentley side chairs, Palettes by Winesburg {source}

Copper table with Lorraine bar height chairs, Palettes by Winesburg {source}
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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Give Thanks! All at ONE Table

Can your family all fit at one dining table? Do you have memories of being in that awkward teen phase where you didn’t want to hang with the little cousins anymore but then you got stuck at the kid table at Thanksgiving? Or possibly you’re now the frazzled parent trying to feed the toddler from the other table which requires getting up no less than 32 times.

Eliminate the “kid table” phenomenon by taking advantage of the many new options for tables with leaves.

Now these are not your grandma’s table that required you to go find the leaf under the coach or in the back of the closet. These tables have several options such as self-storing or butterfly leaves. Instead of a separate piece, the leaves run on tracks and either nestle under one another, or fold in half to nestle under the main body.

 Toluca by A America
Toluca table with self-storing leaves by A America {source}

Butterfly leaf

Many of these tables also come in sets with a ton of chairs so you don’t have guests getting stuck in folding chairs.

 Toluca Dining Set by A America
Toluca 13 Piece Set with Slat Back Chairs by A America {source}

Now that you can fit all the cousins around the table, check out our Thanksgiving table setting ideas on Pinterest. Happy Thanksgiving!